Medical Malpractice Insurance: Type Of Coverage, What To Look For, And What You Need To Know

While doctors may be skilled at their craft that they have been nurturing for many years, there are times that they will make mistakes. As a medical professional, you know that you are not perfect. However, patients may not fully understand that and would be angry and try to charge you for it. To keep yourself protected, you need to get medical malpractice insurance. Here’s everything that you need to know about medical malpractice insurance to stay insured in case of incidents.

Kinds of Coverage

There are two forms of coverage that you can get. The first one is the claims-made coverage. This will cover people in the medical field for things that happened while policies were instituted, so the physician would have coverage if a claim was filed in 2017 for an incident that happened in 2016. The claim must be done while the policy is in place. The second kind is occurrence based, which means it doesn’t matter when the claim was made. It provides coverage for accidents that happen while the policy is working.

What to Look for

You should always choose a company that is reputable in offering medical malpractice insurance. You should look for a company that has years of experience with lots of good reviews from physicians about their plans. It is also important to make sure that the company is licensed to offer insurance plans in the first place.

Another thing to think about is what prices the insurance plan has to offer. You have to think whether the insurance plan’s cost has more value than what you are paying for. Examine all the features of each insurance plan that you see to analyze whether it is worth your money or not. You may also ask an insurance broker to grab quotes from many different companies to compare overall prices and features.

Things You Should Know

There are some things that you should be aware of whenever looking at any kind of insurance plan. For instance, you might want to take a look at the deductibles of the plan. There are lots of different kind of deductibles that are in plans, so you should check out what kind of deductible is offered. For instance, a common one that you may see is a first dollar deductible. This basically means that you are required to pay a certain sum before you get the benefits of the insurance plan.

Another very important thing to look at if there are exclusions in the plan. There might be some practices that the insurance plan does not cover but it is something that you regularly do. For instance, if you performed a weight loss service and a claim was made about that service, the insurance plan that you got might not cover that. Be sure to double check what exclusions each plan has prior to settling on a company’s plan.

Getting an insurance plan like this is extremely important if you are a medical professional. Make sure you learn the information above and follow the tips to keep yourself insured.

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