Interior Sliding Doors

Interior sliding doors can be a beautiful and elegant addition to your home. Because they come in a wide variety of materials, you can customize your look with them to match your home decor, or to achieve the decor you desire most. Wood panels, frosted or milky glass, see-through glass, and vinyl are some of the most common materials, and you can obtain them in just about any color, or go with a natural look. Here are the three main uses for interior sliding doors, though you are certainly not limited by these. When it comes to these doors, you can be as creative as you like.


These types of doors are very common when used on closets. Sometimes, a traditional one-piece door just isn’t big enough for a closet opening. It may also be too heavy for a child to open, or simply not have the look you’re going for in the room. Using sliding doors on closets makes a stylish decorating statement, while also contributing to ease of opening. They are especially popular in children’s bedrooms, but can be styled to look sophisticated enough for any bedroom in the house.

Room Partitions

Interior sliding doors have been used for centuries in Japan as room partitions. While these doors were traditionally made from paper and wood, this elegant, classical look can now be brought to any room in any nation, using just about any material you can imagine. If you are part of the tiny house movement, these doors can be used to create areas of privacy in a small space, while giving the home a modern, classy look. Even in regular-sized homes, they can be used for a variety of decorating purposes, allowing you to customize your home to your liking.

You can use them to make large rooms smaller and more intimate, to create extra rooms for study, storage, privacy, and more, and to make elegant entrances to large rooms, such as the dining room, living room, or kitchen. Think of your perfect house layout, and you can probably use these interior doors to make the vision a reality.

Do you want a cozy reading nook? Sliding doors can make one for you out of a larger room? Do you desire a grand entrance to your formal dining room? These doors are here for you to make that happen.

Porch or Balcony Entrances

Another common use for interior sliding doors is for balcony or porch entrances. Why have a regular door, or no door at all, when you can increase safety while making a striking decorating statement by using these doors? These doors are perfect for getting you onto your special outdoor space.

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