4 Reasons You May Need a Maritime Lawyer

If your industry includes offshore drilling, fishing, or any other type of business involving offshore transport and supply, there can be times when you need the services of a maritime attorney. From slips and falls to exposure to harsh chemicals and difficult weather, offshore industries can oftentimes be extremely hazardous. Large spills and shipping accidents may also occur, causing considerable damage. There are four general situations you may find yourself in where you would need a maritime lawyer or a Jones Act Lawyer New Orleans.

  1. Your Ship or Boat Causes Damage to a Dock

Any type of damage to a dock or items that are connected to the dock will require expertise in the area of maritime law. Even minor damages can potentially result in major lawsuits. Laws regarding accidents that occur in the water are often very different from those that take place on land.

  1. Your Ship or Boat Crashes with another Vessel

If you or a vessel you own is in any type of accident on the water you would need a lawyer that specializes in these types of incidents. Whether it’s in a lake, out in the Gulf, or any other body of water, a boat crash will likely require the expertise of a maritime attorney.

  1. Your Ship or Vessel Pollutes a Body of Water

If you own an organization or business that ships products from port to port accidents will sometimes occur. Chemical or oil spills can be especially serious. Without the aid of an experienced maritime attorney you may be forced to pay millions in damages.

  1. You or Someone Else is Injured in a Vessel or Water Accident

Injuries that occur as a result of a crash in the water will require the legal advice of a maritime attorney. Claims can be complicated and laws often change. If you or your employees are filing a claim, you’ll need the expertise of a maritime lawyer.

If you’ve been involved in any of the previous situations you may need the assistance of a Jones Act lawyer New Orleans. The Jones Act is a law that protects injured crew members on a vessel. This is a law that applies to river workers as well as offshore crew whether they work on semi-submersibles, towboats, tugs, drill ships, or barges. It can also apply to fishing vessels, chemical and cargo ships, and even cruise ships and recreational vehicles. Maintenance and Cure attorneys can provide a variety of legal remedies for injured workers and seaman. It’s important to contact an experienced attorney that understands maritime law so you can receive the best representation possible.

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