German Cross In Gold: What Collectors Should Know


Wartime memorabilia are relevant items that tell the history of the past. The German Cross is an object that holds significant value. It provides a depiction of the effort taken by Hitler’s government to advance military objectives and recognize the bravery of its military. Here are some essential points that collectors need to know about the German Cross in gold.

Know the History

Part of the collectability of the German Cross in gold comes from its history. The German government under Adolf Hitler began distributing these medals in September 1941. Young German soldiers obtained the distinction from their bravery during campaigns and became instrumental in boosting morale.

The total number of DeutschesKreuz produced and distributed remain uncertain. Historians can only estimate based on the data provided by the German Wehrmacht. Approximately, a total of 50,000 soldiers were qualified to receive a medal. However, historians also expect that the objects exceeded to address increasing number and demands for replacement.

The medal obtained further popularity when Allied soldiers took the German Crosses as military souvenirs. Captured German soldiers provided first-hand memorabilia from the Third Reich. It became one of the war trophies and became an exciting talking piece to enthusiasts of history.

Manufacturing Differences

Collectors should recognize the manufacturing differences of DeutschesKreuz. Depending on the year, you might get various iterations in the overall design. During the whole German campaign, there is a total of five types of crosses. Three of the styles are cloth-based. The other two are actual medals where one includes a diamond embellishment.

Overall Design

Part of the allure of the German Cross in gold comes from the overall design. The base is silver and follows the shape of an eight-pointed star. In the center, there is the German Swastika with a black enamel style. The gold is a circular shape, contains the design of laurel leaves, and includes the year 1941 made from dot combinations.

Check for Markings

Note that some sought after DeutschesKreuz has specific markings. The mark serves as the basis for identifying the manufacturer of the cross. Zimmerman company is the one associated with putting numbers. Collectors who want to have a manufacturer identification number might fetch a higher value. Further inspection of the cross, you should see a four rivet pattern.

Conduct Research

Before making a purchase, make sure to research German Crosses in gold. While there are significant numbers distributed during the war, it remains hard to find. Moreover, there are high-quality reproductions available that not necessarily accumulate in value. If unsure, try to get an expert to provide opinion on the item.

The Bottom Line

Overall, collecting wartime memorabilia such as the German Cross in gold provides an opportunity for owners to obtain an essential timepiece during the period. The suggestions above should help people become discerning and objective in assessing the object. The beautiful construction and design make the cross a suitable addition. However, one should always remain cautious about the price as reproductions and copies remain available in the market today.

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